A powerful integrated complex of the pulp and paper industry of Ukraine, Public Joint Stock Company “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Combine” (PJSC “ZPPC”) effectively implements the world technologies of the circular economy!

The main purpose of the Zhydachiv Combine is manufacturing of high-quality, competitive, safe, environmentally friendly products made from raw materials from certified and controlled sources.

The eco-consciousness of the professionals of the Zhydachiv Combine is reflected in new products. Packaging materials, paper and cardboard products, consumer packaging and shipping containers fully meet the modern requirements of the market for ecological packaging.

The availability of the FSC certificate FC-COC-804900 guarantees the openness of PJSC ZPPC activity to ensure control over the purchase of raw materials and their processing at all stages of production, manufacturing and sale of finished products, and also contributes to the transparency of the movement of the Combine’s products in the FSC supply chain.

Let’s save the environment together!

Eco business strategy The plant builds its eco-strategy on the use of modern technologies and rational use of natural resources

 От экологической политики до экологической ответственности

Ecological production
We save up to 16.87 hectares of trees per month due to processing of waste paper

Closed water use cycle. Reducing the volume of discharges with return waters into the river. Stryi is by 46%

100% of industrial wastewater goes through treatment stages

Energy saving programs

Reduction of placed waste is by 85%

Compliance with environmental requirements